Children's Health

One of the aims of Le Pan Initiatives is to reduce childhood morbidity and mortality among the children of Chakfem and the neighboring communities.  We hope to achieve this through the prevention and treatment of diseases which will be carried out in a number of ways, using the newly constructed Le Pan Clinic in Wubel community as the base for free medical outreach to Chakefem and surrounding communities:

  • Children will have access to reliable vaccines and Immunizations following the national immunization timetable
  • Access to sustainable, evidence based and affordable medical care on a daily basis
  • Provision of safe child-delivery services under the care of trained midwives & nurses.
  • Health talks and demonstrations geared towards the mothers, allowing them learn practices that can prevent disease such as
  • boiling and filtration of water using a clean white cloth for drinking
  • making oral re-hydration fluid to prevent de-hydration in diarrhoea
  • etc.

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