Family Wellness

Chakfem people occupy the hills and mountain ranges of the south western edge of Mangu Local Government Area of Plateau State. They live in 13 villages and communities on the hills and in the valleys that make up Chakfem District.

These rural communities have been neglected by Local, State and Federal Governments over the years. There are no motorable roads and no health facilities in any part of the Chakfem Land. There is no portable water or proper sanitation.

Our mission at Le Pan Health and Wellness Initiatives is primarily targeted at mother & child health, water and sanitation and general family wellness, to this end we plan to provide:

  • Capability to respond to medical emergencies, by stabilizing medical cases and transportation to larger facilities and services beyond what Le Pan Clinic can provide.
  • Women will have access to ante natal care, safe delivery, immunization programmes for their children, good Maternal and child welfare services at be able to access family planning services

To do this successfully, we solicit the support and partnership of individuals, groups and organizations who share our vision of putting a smile on the faces of Chakfem people and the surrounding communities.

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