Roger Cassill makes history!

Roger Cassill, a Car Dealer and father of three from Cedar Rapids, Iowa, USA made history 26th May 2019, at Wubel in Chakfem District of Mangu Local Government Council Area of Plateau State, Nigeria.
Roger visited Nigeria for the first time in June 2018 to teach doctors, nurses, and other health care delivery workers how to choose and maintain a used vehicle.  His visit was in itself unusual and a first for the Continuing Medical Education conference.
At the end of the conference Riger heard that doctors were visiting the Le Pan Medical Centre, situated in Wubel. He chooses to tag along with his friends rather than spend the day in Jos. He and his friends made the day visit to the Medical Centre on Thursday, 21st June 2018. While there he noted the lack of power in the village and the facility. He made a passing comment that he will see what can be done about this challenge when he got back home.
Roger kept his word, went to work and raised $15,000.00 which he wired to Le Pan Health & Wellness Initiatives on 30th April 2019 almost a month to the day that he visited the Centre.
With his generous gift, we were able to purchase a new 30KvA Generator, build a Generator house, construct a 1000-Litter external Diesel storage tank and cover the cost of installation too.
We sent a note to Roger that the Generator had been purchased and delivered to site. Roger offered to be at and take part in the installation of the Generator himself. So, on Friday, 24th May 2019, Roger arrived Abuja en route Jos and Wubel. His mission was to oversee and participate in the installation of the new Generator and to see the X-ray building energized.
On the 26th May we were in Wubel with Roger. He spent better part of the evening figuring out how to get the X-ray machine coupled together. He and our local maintenance Engineer, Alex, worked tireless on the machine all day. Frank and his team arrived about 10:30am, 27th May 2019 for the installation of the Generator and found Roger had already commenced trouble shooting the buildings and mapping the way forward.